Sunday, 29 June 2014

July brings some changes to Updated Words

July will bring some changes to Updated Words' Online Activities. Our aim is to bring you more interesting activities and give you the chance to learn a bit more about this amazing world of languages.

So from the 1st of July you will see a few changes to our activities online. One of these changes will be to the Language Happy Hour. Unfortunately, this activity wasn't as popular as we intended it to be, so we decided it was time for it to go. But our regular Weekly posts will continue with the exact same model that has been used until today.

What makes it more interesting is that now you will see the posts at different times. In our current model, the posts were controled from Australia which meant that readers in the Southern Hemisphere would read them on Tuesdays and Thursdays first thing in the morning while in Europe would be still Monday or Wednesday evening. In the new model you will have a month where these posts are controlled by Inês Lopes Bridges in the United Kingdom and the next controled by Cátia Cassiano in Australia. The rules will be the same, you have a Monthly Theme, a term or expression released on Tuesdays and the answers given on Thursdays.

So stay tuned because Tuesday we will reveal our theme for July and our member Inês Lopes Bridges will also reveal our very first word of the month.

We hope you like the new changes and we are waiting for your participation.

Updated Words 

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