Thursday, 23 September 2010

Printed version of Oxford Dictionary may be over by next year

Dictionaries are a very important part of any translator’s job. But they’re also a important part on everyone’s learning. 

Even if you are not a translator it is quite possible that you have a very good dictionary at home. A dictionary that helped you when you were growing and learning new words and still helps you sometimes, when you want to find a better word for that important letter or to help your kids with their homework.

Today is quite a sad day for all the dictionary lovers.  According to an article published in The Australian,  Oxford University Press is thinking about stop printing the very famous and useful Oxford Dictionary.

Apparently, a survey shows people prefer to look up the words in their online product rather than in the printed version. So they are now considering not to print the next edition of this great dictionary.

They also add in this article that the online version had seen a significant increase in the number of subscribers. The current online dictionary services costs $295(US) in the US, while the printed version costs S1,165(US). 

Would this be the end of a good library full of good dictionaries and other useful language tools? We truly hope not.

* This article was written by THE UPDATED WORDS TEAM, having  “The Australian”  as a source of information.

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