Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wordfast Course from Tradulínguas

Tradulínguas has launched a new Wordfast Course. This Course will help translators work with this very useful translation tool. The course is separated by two levels: Starter Level and Medium Level.

The Stater Level Course will start on the 9th of July and it will finish on the 20th of July. In this Course, you will learn the basics about this software. After being introduced to the system you will be able to create your TM (Translation Memory) and you will also learn how to review your translated documents as well as how to deal with terms already recognised by your Translation Memory. For this Level you can enrol until the 5th of July.

The Medium Level is for those colleagues who already work with this software but want to learn a bit more. In this Level, you will learn how to manage your Translation Memories and you will learn how to translate html files, as well as PowerPoint and Excel files. This Level starts on the 23rd of July and it will finish on the 3rd of August. For this Level you can enrol until 15th of July.

The Course will be conducted by Natália Fialho.

For more information, please check Tradulínguas Official Brochure.

Updated Words Team

*This article was prepared by Updated Words Team with permission from Tradulínguas

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