Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Inês Lopes Bridges launches her new book on Amazon

Inês Lopes Bridges is an excellent writer. She was born in Setúbal, Portugal,  which is also hometown of Manuel Barbosa du Bocage, one of the greatest Portuguese writers who is also one of her favourite. Inês grew up in Setúbal and in her late teens she moved to London, where she finished her Degree in Creative Writing and a Masters  in Publishing.
Inês has always had a great passion for writing. She started at a very young age. When she was only 13, she started writing poetry in English. She says she wanted to keep her work secret, so she decided to write it in a foreign language.
In 2008 Inês wrote her second romance in Portuguese. The book is called “Isabel”.  It’s the story of a French teacher divided between his duties as a father and a love story from the past.  The whole story will develop around this man, that love and a book that is the way he lives his dreams. This way the writer almost created two books in one playing with the story she was telling and the story told in that other book.
Unfortunately, publishing a book is not easy, and get to a publisher it is very hard. So Inês decided to publish it on a blog. Everyday she would publish a bit of the book. Her aim was not only to show her work to the public but also to receive some feedback from her readers and know their opinion about her work.  Everyday there was new comments and her book was causing all sorts of emotions in her readers.
But now Inês has some more news for us. She has taken a step further and is now launching a digital version of “Isabel” on Amazon Kindle Shop”. Her aim is to raise enough money to invest on publishing the physical version of this great book.
The book is already available on Amazon. All you have to do is click here and you can buy it. The book is not expensive at all (9.99USD) and it can be paid with your credit card.  For those who don’t have a Kindle or any other similar device, you don’t have to worry. You can still buy and read “Isabel”, you just have to download Amazon’s free application Kindle for PC.
70% of the proceedings will be for Inês and she will use it in the publishing of her book.
For her English readers she is also preparing a long narrative poem called “Until the end of the world” that she will make available in Amazon Kindle Shop very soon.

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