Monday, 10 March 2014

Tradulínguas launches its Introduction to Legal Terminology applied in the Oil Industry e-Learning Course

This is a very important tool for those colleagues who work with the Oil Industry and have to deal with its sometimes complex Legal terms. It is a very comprehensive e-learning course where participants will be able to learn about the history of this industry, its productive cycle and of course acquire new vocabulary and create their own glossaries.

The course will start on the 28th of April and will go until the 9th of May. It is expected a total of 20 hours course. The course will be conducted by Dra. Patrícia Rosário and Dr. Paolo Esposito

Those interested in this interesting course can enrol until the 22nd April. For more information you can follow the link to Tradulínguas Official Brochure.

Updated Words Team

*this article was prepared by Updated Words with permission from Tradulínguas

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