Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Updated Words in 2013

Updated Words is preparing lots of interesting activities for you in 2013.  In 2012 apart from our services we created a few initiatives to dynamise our Forum and Facebook Page, and create debate.

Next year we will continue with these activities and we will add a few more. Apart from our regular Grammar posts we have a few more things for you.

  • Weekly language posts: we will keep our weekly posts about grammar and other linguistic issues. You can participate by commenting or by sending us an email with a question you would like us to answer.
  • Monthly polls: in 2013 we want to hear from you. We will launch a poll every month about linguistics and you will be able to vote.
  • New Updated Words Glossary: we will publish another Updated Words Glossary.

You can register in our Forum and Facebook Page and be a part of our small community. We are waiting for you in 2013.

Updated Words Team

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