Thursday, 2 February 2012

Updated Words in 2012

A new year has started and our Team has a lot of great news for you. 

As a team of translators, it is very important to us keeping an appealing and professional outlook so our clients can be assured of the quality of our services. But we live in the technology era, and creating an active profile will certainly be a plus not only with clients but with the general public.

As linguists, we're always trying to get people to talk about languages and to have a correct knowledge of languages. Unfortunaly, sometimes the Internet is not the best place to find that and the overuse of Internet codes and abreviations ended up leading to a poor knowledge and usage of languages. We want people to think about languages as a way of comunicating and learning things. It is amazing what the correct use of a language can do in our life.

So in 2012 the Updated Words Team created a few activities to promote good language skills and give people good information about those simple things we so often forget about. 
We are planing the publication of some of our Glossaries. These glossaries were gathered by our team in our everyday work. They will be updated regularly as soon as more words are included. For our Facebook Page and Forum we will create several activities that will allow us to interact with people. There you will find polls, answers to people's questions, suggestions for translation of certain words or idiomatic expressions and many more.

To participate in this activities all you have to do is register in our Forum and be a member of our Facebook Page. Let's talk about linguitics, it can be really fun!
The Updated Words Team

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