Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Legal Translation Course by TRADULÍNGUAS

Tradulínguas has launched its brand new Legal Translation Course. For all the colleagues involved with Legal Translation this could be the right option for "upgrade".

The course will start on the 31st January 2011 and it will finish on the 2nd March. It's a 50 hour e-learning course, where participants will have the opportunity of getting in contact with several practical aspects of Legal Translation at their own pace.  This course will be supported by video conference where the participants will have the opportunity to interact with other participants and lecturers.

The Course will be conducted by Dr. Ana Soares and Dr. Pedro Coral Costa. For more information about this Course visit TRADULÍNGUAS official Brochure or visit TRADULÍNGUAS official website.

* This article was written by the Updated Words Team with the permission from TRADULÍNGUAS.


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